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1 April 2019

Christian Character

What determines your character?

Here is a great video to help you explore character with your students. It looks at the science, but you can bring in the theology that sits alongside the concepts. The video discusses 24 character strengths and how focusing on our strengths can lead to a happy, successful and meaningful life. Challenge your students to think about spiritual ideas or faith and how our beliefs contribute to our happiness.

"The Science of Character - The Future Starts Here"

Reflect on the teachings of Buddha, Socrates, Aristotle and Plato - and see what your students think. As Maria Montessori says, "Character Education is just as important as reading, math and science."

If you are interested in developing character education with your students, why not look at the extraordinary work coming out of Scotland. Have a look at Inspiring Purpose.

There are excellent lessons in the teacher manual and great resources in the student guides. This is worth looking at! Everything you need is on the website! If you teach at an IB  or PYP school, these ideas will align so well with your Learner Profile. 
Take these ideas and with your Anglican lens look at how these character strengths align with the teachings of Jesus or concepts surrounding the character of God. This could support your Religious Education in so many ways!