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1 February 2019

Let’s Celebrate Generous Hospitality

I absolutely love the 2019 Archbishop’s Theme of Generous Hospitality and look forward to hearing about the ways that our religious educators will share this message with their students.

I know I have so much to learn about showing generous hospitality – so here goes. May the year ahead be filled with much learning and growth and may we all be intentional and generous in welcoming and caring for others.

If you are beginning to teach this topic, perhaps you might start with a ‘debating style’ approach and define the topic.
I would let the students find a range of definitions and compare them. The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘hospitality’ as ‘The friendly and generous reception of guests, visitors or strangers.’

Maybe explore a little Greek as well. Philoxenos – Philo (love) + Xenos (stranger).

For younger students, perhaps create Word Wall of Synonyms. Include all the suggestions offered by the students which may include words such as friendliness, welcome, neighbourliness, kindness, congeniality and amicability.

If we look at the concept of Biblical hospitality, we know that in the ancient world, hospitality focussed on the alien or stranger in need.

Look at the Bible Study Tools website for some great ideas.

“Hospitality took several forms. Acts of hospitality included the humble and gracious reception of travellers into one's home for food, lodging, and protectionGen 18:2-8 ; 19:1-8 ; Job 31:16-23 Job 31:31-32 ), permitting the alienated person to harvest the corners of one's fields Lev 19:9-10 ; Deut 24:19-22 ; Ruth 2:2-17 ), clothing the nakedIsa 58:7 ; Ezekiel 18:7 Ezekiel 18:16 ), tithing food for the needyDeut 14:28-29 ; 26:1-11 ), and including the alien in religious celebrationsExod 12:48-49 ; Deut 16:10-14 ).”

I found one website that posed this question.

“What does Jesus’ hospitality tell us about God’s character?”

You could begin to explore this question by looking at stories about Jesus’ hospitality.

 Some stories about Jesus sharing a meal include:
o   Jesus eating with Zacchaeus
o   Jesus eating with tax collectors at the home of Levi
o   Jesus eating with Martha and Mary
o   Jesus feeding the 5000
o   The Last Supper

So what do we learn about God’s character? Is it the love, grace, friendship and generous hospitality that God extends to us? Encourage your students to make a list of the character traits of God.

Stories of the Bible Jesus Feeds the 5000

The Story of Zacchaeus

Stories  of the Bible Zacchaeus

God's Story Mary and Martha

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