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3 November 2018

The True Meaning of Christmas

It is November, so I confess. I have started watching Christmas movies on Netflix already!

As Term 4 is such a short term, teachers will need to start showing Christmas movies at school too or you won’t have time to see all the great videos that are available.

For slightly older primary students, make sure you take time to enjoy Superbook – The First Christmas. It is a rather modern take on an ancient story! It explores the true meaning of Christmas.

There are lots of themes to explore, from selfishness to sacrifice, from cruelty to compassion and from bravery to blessings. Students will be captivated by the 'super book' super hero character and the modern perspective on an ancient story. 

Perhaps explore the concept of 'change' during your reflection time. 

How did the characters change in the story? 
How has the birth of Jesus changed history? 
How can celebrating Christmas change our lives? 
Has the way we celebrate Christmas changed over time? 
Should we change the way we celebrate Christmas? 
Why would this story change the hearts of people who hear it?

Enjoy your Christmas movie time with your students. Remember that students, like us, enjoy seeing movies more than once, so do not worry if they say they have seen a movie before. Watching certain movies can become a part of your Christmas tradition with your students.

Merry Christmas!

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