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12 November 2018

Oh Little Town of Bethlehem

There are so many fabulous videos that you can watch with your students this Christmas time but here are a few that are a little different! Thank you to St Paul's Church in Auckland. These videos are truly magical!

Some children can't imagine that Bethlehem is a real place. Try watching this video and discussing the key themes that are introduced. It might spark a discussion about the current issues in the Middle East as well as questions of peace now and then! This is for older students!

If you are interested in responding to Christmas using drama and role playing in your classroom, this might be just the inspiration you need!

While you are in this Christmas mood, the creative and generous Chaplain Steph from Churchie shared this favourite song. It might be just the song you are looking for this Festive Season!

And for the younger students, a lovely story book with rhyme and rhythm so that the students can read along with the story!

Enjoy the end of the school year with your students as you share the Good News!

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