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28 October 2018

Who was the first person to design and print a Christmas Card?

Quizzes are such a powerful way to engage your students.
Don't forget to have a glance through all the Christmas resources on the Request.org.uk website.
There are many fabulous resources for all ages including a Christmas Quest.

You will also find a range of videos for different lessons and ages on the same website.

You might also like to try The Christmas Bible Quiz from What Christians Want to Know. It has great questions and all the answers too!

Perhaps make class sets of quizzes and laminate them to use with all your classes. Some students may wish to develop their own quizzes. Prizes for winners might include Christmas decorations!

If you want to do some online quizzes, then remember to use Garden of Praise. Click on Children's Bible Lessons.  Choose the appropriate story. Read the story and then do the online quiz. It will be marked immediately and the students will get their results. It is great fun.

Try Garden of Praise - Mary the Mother of Jesus. Read the story and then let your students complete the online quiz and other activities.

Students tend to really enjoy doing the online activities collaboratively. I think the Online Word Scramble is fabulous for fostering better Bible literacy and encouraging the students to look at the Bible stories more closely. See what your students think.

For younger students, try The Big Christmas Quiz. It is great fun! I think this would work best on you IWB with the whole class enjoying the fun. Maybe divide the class in to teams to play?

Let the fun and games begin! 

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