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14 September 2017

Articles on Religion and Politics in Australia

The Conversation is a good source of  articles discussing the place of religion in Australian society. While you may not agree with all of them they are provocative and worth reading if just to get a sense of how people think about some of the issues.

These might be useful for exploring religion in Australia with older students or could be a source of insight and inspiration for the RE teacher.

12 September 2017

Religious Education and the Environment

Looking for some creative resources connecting environmental care and concern with religious education. Have a look at the resources created by Angligreen.

They include material on the following themes:

Creation – Wonderful!
  • Experiencing nature
  • Indigenous stories of creation
  • Scripture through ecological eyes
  • Nature in Church tradition

Sustainability – Grateful
  • Ecology - The Earth is our home
  • A changing environment and climate
  • The gift of science
  • Cosmology – Our place in the universe story

Renewal – Prayerful
  • Our school environment
  • Local community projects
  • What is happening around the world
  • Self-renewal and care

Hope – A positive future!
  • Images of a positive future
  • The Gospel for our time
  • Good news stories
  • Liturgy and worship

6 September 2017

Don't talk about religion!

The 2017 Lamb ad is out and as usual it is brilliant (see below). Whether you like it or not it has drawn a lot of attention. There are certainly those that think it is ignorant and offensive.

The ad plays off the idea that in Australia one shouldn't talk about religion (sex or politics) at a dinner party lest one offend. The great irony is that the ad makers broke this rule and did offend.

What do you think about this ad? What about the students in your RE class? Can they see why some people might find it offensive?

This kind of material is priceless for the RE classroom and provides an opportunity to explore the role of religion in Australian society, perceptions of religions and many other ideas.

4 September 2017

A to Z of Religion and Beliefs

The BBC have produced "an animated A to Z guide for pupils aged 11-14 that explores and introduces a variety of religious topics. Alongside each film, there is more information about the content and suggestions of how it could be used in the classroom."

Topics covered include: Atheism, forgiveness, kosher, prophets and Zoroastrianism.

Here is the Jesus animation: