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15 June 2017

Zombies and Theology

The Emmanuel Centre for the Study of Science, Religion and Society at the University of Queensland is worth checking out if you teach religious education in Brisbane or beyond. They run regular seminars on all kinds of topics and issues. Like this one:

Zombies and Theology

a seminar with Dr Matthew Tan on Tuesday 27 June, 12 noon to 1.50pm

In this presentation, Dr Tan will interface postmodern pop culture and its technological context with Christian theology. Dr Tan will explore the fascination with the undead, in particular the fascination with zombies, in contemporary culture. The argument put forward is that the zombie is not just another addition to the monster genre. Instead, the zombie is a theologically-inflected embodiment of both the desires and apprehensions of postmodern culture that is, without realising it, striving towards an immanent, technologically enhanced form of immortality by manufacturing a heaven without God.

Interested? Find out more here.

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