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27 April 2017

Prayer Spaces in Schools Australian Tour

If you haven't heard of Prayer Spaces in Schools, now is the time to find out! One great place to start is the Prayer Spaces in School website or you could check out the video in the bottom of this post. The most important thing to know is that Phil Togwell from Prayer Spaces in Schools (UK) is coming to Australia in August. Find out more about the tour here.

Brisbane - Wed 9th August - St John's Anglican College

Canberra - Mon 14th August - Radford College

Sydney - Tuesday 15th August - Ravenswood School for Girls

Adelaide - 
Thursday 17th August - St Peter's College

Melbourne - Friday 18th August - Caulfield Grammar School

(Cost $80 - includes morning tea and lunch)


If you want to find out how amazing Prayer Spaces are and learn how you might use them in your school come and join in. The tour is being organised by the Anglican Schools Commission in Southern Queensland but all are welcome.

20 April 2017

Mission Australia Youth Mental Health Report

Mission Australia has just released its Five Year Youth Mental Health Report. Some of the figures are really quite concerning. According to the report just under 1 in 4 people aged 15-19 met the criteria for having a probable serious mental illness (PSMI). For females the number is 29% and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people the number is over 31%.

"Those with a PSMI have been consistently more likely to be ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ concerned about a range of issues, particularly: coping with stress, school or study problems and depression."

Could Religious Education have a role in addressing some of these issues?

13 April 2017

RE and the Environment

Looking for some creative resources connecting environmental care and concern with religious education. Have a look at the resources created by Angligreen.

They include material on the following themes:

Creation – Wonderful!
  • Experiencing nature
  • Indigenous stories of creation
  • Scripture through ecological eyes
  • Nature in Church tradition

Sustainability – Grateful
  • Ecology - The Earth is our home
  • A changing environment and climate
  • The gift of science
  • Cosmology – Our place in the universe story

Renewal – Prayerful
  • Our school environment
  • Local community projects
  • What is happening around the world
  • Self-renewal and care

Hope – A positive future!
  • Images of a positive future
  • The Gospel for our time
  • Good news stories
  • Liturgy and worship

6 April 2017

Art and RE

Art can be a great entry point for students to explore faith and to reflect deeply on their own thoughts. This web page provides 12 beautiful pieces of art and their meaning but there are heaps of resources online about religious art. It would not be difficult to build an entire unit around religious art. Some time ago I created a unit around Tim Marlow's documenatry Easter in Art. See below.