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30 March 2017

Textile Waste: It's a thing

I have to confess I knew nothing about the issue of textile waste until two weeks ago. How did I miss this? Did you know:
  • 6000kg of clothing and textiles going to landfill every 10 minutes in Australia.
  • The global average consumption has doubled in the past two decades from 7kg per person up to 13kg – while the Australia average is twice that at 27kg per person.
  • 80 billion new garments are produced globally every year and fashion is the second-most polluting industry after oil.
In this year in which we have been challenged to "safeguard the integrity of the environment" this is an issue worth looking into. Textbeat.com has more information about how you might address this issue in your own life but there is lots of information online.

23 March 2017

Christian Contemplation Curriculum

The Christian Contemplation Curriculum is a joint project of the New Zealand Presbyterian and Anglican Schools’ Offices. It is a brilliant resource for all religious educators.

Their web-site  www.ccc.net.nz includes:
  • An overview of the history contemplative practices across Christian traditions.
  • A theology underlying contemplative practice.
  • Examples of current Christian contemplative practice in schools and ways of building these practices into the daily rhythms of the classroom and/or school.
  • Resources for a thematic approach across educational levels.
  • Topic themed units
  • Chapel resources

14 March 2017

One World Wontok

ABM's One World Wontok Conference in on again this year in six different cities around Australia. This is a brilliant event for students that has the following goals:
  • Increasing understanding of the lives of people who live in poverty
  • Increasing understanding of sustainable development
  • Growing awareness of global inter-connectedness
  • Equipping student leaders to become peer educators
  • Providing opportunity for inter-school relationships

"The annual One World WonTok Conference engages secondary students in interactive learning activities to raise awareness about the complexities of global poverty. We are excited to announce that Roxanne Roberts from Anglicare Papua New Guinea will be the Guest Speaker in 2017! Roxanne has led HIV intervention programs targeting vulnerable and marginalised population groups (particularly teens) throughout PNG and currently oversees all of Anglicare PNG's HIV programs."
 "As well as engaging with Roxanne and her story, the 2017 conference will delve deeper into the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and raise questions about what these goals mean for us living  here in Australia. The goals are a universal guide for nations as they develop economic, social and environmental policies and overseas aid programs designed to end poverty."

Check out all the details here.