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16 December 2016

Inspiring Questions RE PD Workshop 2017

Dialogue Australasia Network (DAN) is running a series of workshops around Australia with Jeremy Hall and Mark Case. See all the details on their website.

The focus will be on teaching philosophy and religion. 
Topics will include:
  • What is a good life?
  • Are science and religion compatible?
  • Why is there suffering in the world?
  • Can I prove the existence of God?
  • Teaching critical and creative thinking.

1 December 2016

Prayer Spaces in Schools Australian Tour 2017

If you haven't heard of Prayer Spaces in Schools, now is the time to find out! One great place to start is the Prayer Spaces in School website or you could check out the video in the bottom of this post. The most important thing to know is that Phil Togwell from Prayer Spaces in Schools (UK) is coming to Australia next year...and he may be visiting a city near you to run a workshop. Find out more about the tour here.

Brisbane - Wed 9th August - St John's Anglican College

Canberra - Mon 14th August - Radford College

Sydney - Tuesday 15th August - Venue TBC

Adelaide - 
Thursday 17th August - St Peter's College

Melbourne - Friday 18th August - Caulfield Grammar School

(Cost $80 - includes morning tea and lunch)


If you want to find out how amazing Prayer Spaces are and learn how you might use them in your school come and join in. The tour is being organised by the Anglican Schools Commission in Southern Queensland but all are welcome.