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21 November 2016

Cults in Australia

This Sunday Night report might be a useful introduction for Senior Students into a unit on cults. There are some confronting elements in it so teachers should use their discretion.

14 November 2016

Spirited Arts Competition

The Spirited Arts Competition is a Religious Education event held every year in the UK. Each year there is a theme and schools are encouraged to incorporate the event into their RE lessons. Entries are received from other countries including Australia. Have a look at the 2016-2017 theme. Previous years winners can be seen online.

7 November 2016

Teaching and Learning Strategies

The Catholic Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle have a list of all the teaching and learning strategies used over the year in their syllabus. A copy can be found here. There are some really great ideas. and there must be more than a hundred listed. Here is just a tiny sample:

  • Formulate a series of questions you would want to ask characters from Bible stories.
  • Older children write a pamphlet explaining to younger children how to look up Scripture references.
  • Working with finger puppets, present a Bible story.
  • Write a letter to someone of another faith explaining why the Bible is the special book of the Christian family.
  • Interview a character who was present at one of the events of Jesus life about their memories of the event.
  • In groups, pupils make a radio or TV broadcast or newspaper article reporting on an event in the Gospels.