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28 September 2016

Anglicans and Sacraments

Here is a useful little video with an Anglican perspective on sacraments.

26 September 2016

Learning Links

This Learning Links Series of books written by Maurice Ryan and Jan Grajczonek come recommended by a number of religious educators in my network. In particular they had used the ones focusing on sacraments. If you are teaching in a non Catholic context some adjustment might be needed.

You may find this insightful conference piece by Maurice Ryan on the Future of Religious Education interesting.

And here is a video on Baptism produced by Busted Halo.


22 September 2016

Getting real with RE

Realia is a term  for real things, concrete objects, that are used in the classroom. Boxes with themed items have been used in language learning classes to help students understand different cultural artefacts. This idea can easily be applied to learning about world religions.

A Realia Box may provide students with an opportunity to see and touch artefacts from a particular religion in order to gain a concrete understanding of each item. This can aid learning and bring authenticity to the classroom.

Begin collecting items that can be stored in the classroom to use whenever needed. It is possible that parents within the school may be able to donate to the realia box. Some items may be bought from specific religious suppliers but may require an explanation for why you might be buying that item and how it will be used.

It is important that all the items are treated with respect. It may be the case that you only allow students of the religious group being explored to open or wear particular items. There may even be an opportunity for students from a particular religion to present and talk about the items in their box if they are knowledgeable about them.

There are website that sell the artefacts in packs such as articlesoffaith.co.uk

More information on using artefacts in Religious Education can be found at the following:

15 September 2016

Position Vacant - Disciple

ReJesus is a great site for all kinds of resources relating to Jesus. One of the sections I like is the Job Vacancy for a Disciple. All the elements relating to employment are laid out with links to Bible passages.

Some reverse engineering could be done on this job vacancy to create a unit of work or project focused on Jesus, his disciples and the things he said about following him.

A Gospel could be broken up and explored by the class for information about what the disciples did and what Jesus told them to do. From this a job vacancy advertisement could be written by the students using the structure and elements of job ads found online.