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25 August 2016

Ayiti: The Cost of Life

This online interactive game: Ayiti: The Cost of Life could be useful in helping students understand some of the pressures of living in a developing nation.

"The Guinard family faces some difficult challenges resulting from poverty, severe weather, and even potential violence. But if they're careful and lucky, they may have a chance at a better life."
"You have four years to help the Guinard family as they confront the "cost of life." Good luck!"

Shout out to Tim B who shared this at the last Service PD Day.

15 August 2016

Religion in Australia

If you have wandered around a capital city in Australia in the last year or so you might have seen one of the posters above. These were created by artist Peter Drew in order to remind Australians that we have always been a multicultural nation and that people from all over the world have contributed to making this country what it is today. 

In the religious education classroom I think it is of great value to not only explore the beliefs of the people of many religions but to look at the ways they have lived and contributed to the society they are in. When I was in the classroom this usually meant a unit on religion in Australia that would explore the demographics of different religious groups but also how they have made and continue to make a unique contribution.

Peter Drew's work might be a useful entry point for exploring this. He has a number of videos on his website peterdrewarts.com and he also has a TedTalk called: How to cure racism with art.

4 August 2016

Contemplative Prayer Resources

In Southern Queensland 'Inner Life' is one of the Strands of our Religious Education Syllabus. It is there to encourage teachers to draw on the Christian traditions of contemplation and meditation. The hope is students might experience these practices and connect not only with their own inner self but with God as well.

Rev Bosco Peter's from New Zealand has a site dedicated to Liturgy. This week he posted about Christian Contemplative Practice. His article draws together a range of posts and resources in this area from his own and other websites. Check it out.