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31 May 2016

How to talk about faith so students won't tune out

Talking to students about faith related matters can be tricky when there is a wide range of perspectives amongst the students in the classroom. In this video Jonathan Sargeant, Lay Education Office at St Francis College in Brisbane talks about the skill of owning and grounding, which can be very effective in keeping dialogue open.

24 May 2016

Go back to where you came from

The SBS TV Series "Go back to where you came from" which focuses on refugees and asylum seekers has learning resources for years 9-12. There is a full teachers pack with learning experiences focusing on the particular stories of three refugees. While there is no overt religious content in these resources they would certainly form a good basis for units focussing on social justice and its place in the Christian tradition as it flows from the life and teachings of Jesus.

There are also all kinds of other resources and articles on the learning page for the show.

17 May 2016

Character Matters!

"Societies around the globe are rediscovering ancient wisdom: Character matters. In the century ahead, there is no more important human quest than the one the Jubilee Center is undertaking—to generate useful knowledge about how to foster good character in every area of our personal and public lives."

~ Tom Lickona

If you are looking for some great resources on Character Education check out the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues.

"The Jubilee Centre is a pioneering interdisciplinary research centre focussing on character, virtues and values in the interest of human flourishing. The Centre promotes a moral concept of character in order to explore the importance of virtue for public and professional life."

There is plenty of research and many resources on the website with a whole section on Character Education including programs of study for primary and secondary. Of particular note is the Knightly Virtues program which explores virtues through stories such as Anne Frank, Beowulf and Joan of Arc.

12 May 2016

Great religious education? Just add awe and wonder!

One of the fantastic things about children is they start life with a huge capacity for awe and wonder. Unfortunately many people lose this capacity as they grow up. Sometimes this happens far too young and we see apathy in our students about the world they live in and the mysteries and unknowns in the Universe. Good religious education should seek to revive awe and wonder...and we can do this with the help of science and philosophy. Science, because it helps us to see how little we really know and how amazing the Universe is. Philosophy, because it questions so much of what we take for granted.

If we can encourage students to ask questions, think deeply, explore their assumptions and enjoy wondering...we have planted an amazing seed that will grow and bear fruit. If our students remain passive and apathetic it doesn't matter how great our message is, it will fall on barren ground. 

This great little video from Ted Ed was used at the recent DAN Professional Development day. There are many videos out there like this that help students to see that there is much more to the world than what they can see. Enjoy.