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28 January 2016

What's in the Bible?

What's in the Bible is a DVD series that comes from the creator of VeggieTales, Phil Vischer. It is designed to walk children through the entire Bible narrative. The importance of this approach has increased as students come to school with very little to no knowledge of the Bible.

This material is clearly geared for younger students (Prep - 3) but just like Veggie Tales, older students may also find it engaging if presented in the right way. The videos are certainly well made, engaging and fun. There are a range of curricula available including ones for Christmas and Easter. There is also a whole Bible in 52 weeks curriculum.

What's in the Bible was made for churches but could easily be adapted for the school setting. It has a range of curriculum attached to it with fairly basic lesson plan ideas. Some of the activities are fun and it is very focussed on increasing children's Biblical literacy. This material could be used as a basis for more developed learning activities.

In the video below Phil Vischer is speaking about churched children and assumes a particular level of knowledge. This material would still be very useful for students with no knowledge of the Bible.

21 January 2016

Radically different lives

Those living in community and in obedience to specific vows present a way of life that is radically different to most that young people would encounter in their daily life. For this reason the documentary "Light of Love" is well worth exploring in the religious education class.

The focus of the documentary is on a number of Catholic sisters and their experiences. Specifically their call, their work and their life. It is beautifully made and very personal. It was initially made to encourage young women to take up a vocation to religious orders. 

It would very useful in a unit that explored the different ways that Christians seek to live out their faith. Because of the style of the film segments focussing on a single sister could be used quite easily.

On the film website there are a few different study guides but they would really only provide a starting point for the RE teacher http://imaginesisters.org/

A similar documentary was made for Catholic priests called Fishers of Men. It is also available on youtube.

14 January 2016

Great Source of Informative RE Videos

A frequent request from teachers is for a reliable source of videos that students can use for research on topics relating to Christianity and other religions. Mr McMillan has created a huge number of videos to help  Religious Studies students in the UK. These have been produced mainly to help with revision and this significantly shapes their format. The videos, most ranging from 5-10 minutes, are information rich and factual and would be best for those in the senior years of schools. There is a wide range of topics including:

  • Jesus and the Law of Moses
  • Baptism and Confirmation
  • Love for Others
  • The Problem of Evil
  • Abortion
  • The Cosmological Argument
These videos may be useful for older students but could also be very useful for teachers looking to refresh their memories or focus on the key information for a particular topic.


12 January 2016

Robert Kirkwood RE Workshops

Dialogue Australasia Network (DAN) is running a series of workshops around Australia and New Zealand with well know UK Religious Educator Robert Kirkwood in Term 1. See all the details on their website. There are also Senior Student Ethics Workshops in many of the locations.

6 January 2016

Religion and Ethics Resources and Ideas

Brisbane Catholic Education has some great resources for the QSA Religion and Ethics subject. These may be very useful for those teaching units with similar topics. There are lesson ideas for the different topic areas including Gender and Spirituality, Social Justice and Peace Studies.