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27 August 2015

Gender justice an Anglican concern

Our Scriptures speak of women and men made together in the image of God, equal in dignity and value. We know from inspiring examples from across the Communion that this process of transformation - restoring just gender relationships - requires the leadership of both men and women.

~ Revd Rachel Carnegie, Co-Executive Director of the Anglican Alliance. 

Where does the issue of gender injustice fit within your religious or Christian education curriculum? Is it there at all?

One of the Five Marks of Mission shared by the Anglican Communion is to transform unjust structures of society, to challenge violence of every kind and pursue peace and reconciliation. 

Here are a few quick resources to get you thinking about the importance of addressing this issue and maybe spark some ideas for exploring it in the classroom.

The website the posted the above facts is  www.makers.com and it contains the video stories of over 300 women from a variety of fields and endeavours. It would be a very useful resource in the classroom.

This link goes to the Anglican Communion website and offers some resources for exploring and understanding gender injustice.

21 August 2015

The World at 7 Billion

This infographic (and the six others on the page it is from) is from a few years ago (2011) but is still incredible to look at. These would be useful in creating a unit exploring some of the challenges facing us now and in the next half century. There are other infographics on the page including women and development, youth are the future and poverty and population growth.

I know teachers often struggle to work out what to take to years 11 and 12 in terms of religious education. I wonder if some of this information could form the basis of a unit that explores the problems and how religion may play a role in shaping a better future.

4 August 2015

Anglican heritage and identity

Archbishop Phillip Aspinall spoke at length on Anglican heritage and identity in his Presidential Address to the Synod of the Anglican Church in Southern Queensland. Some of this might be useful in exploring where the Anglican Church came from and what it is about.
The image of an atom or a solar system isn't a bad metaphor for Anglicanism. There are various elements moving in relation to each other, exerting force and influence on each other, keeping each other in balance and on track. The elements of the system are not really in opposition to each other but complementary. Remove one and the whole thing changes and is at risk of collapsing. - Archbishop Phillip Aspinall, Synod 2015