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31 March 2015

Jerusalem in 3D

This is a fun but engaging little website that allows students to take 3D tours of sites around Jerusalem. There are also videos and HD photos of some locations. I couldn't get the augmented reality app to work...maybe you will have more luck.

24 March 2015

Asking the Big Questions

Another great religious education website from the UK. RE:quest is one of the largest online resources for teaching about Christianity for UK Schools. It has contributions from all the major denominations.

The material and resources are divided into six sections:
  • Bible
  • Festivals
  • Issues
  • Jesus
  • Life
  • People and Places
There is also a search function that allows you to find the resources by topic. Resources include videos, text and images. Most of the resources are suitable for students to access directly if they are researching a  particular topic. There is a section specifically dedicated to younger students called Restart.

On the site there is a teacher section with downloadable resources including lesson plans and teaching ideas as well as multimedia.

17 March 2015

RESource: Meeting the challenges and opportunities

RESource is an initiative of the Catholic Education Office in Melbourne to provide on-line educational support for teachers of Religious Education. It has resources under the headings of Ethics, Scripture, The Church, Worship and Beliefs.

Under each of these headings there are resources on many topics, including:
Resources include simple videos, questions and activity ideas. In some sections the resources would be enough to build a unit of work around. Of course it has a Catholic approach and flavour, however, there is much that would be very useful for people of other traditions. But don't waste your time here - go and explore the site.

12 March 2015

Traffic Free Easter Resources

This post comes courtesy of Jen Basham, Research Specialist - Mission and Social Justice with Anglicare Southern Queensland.

Much of the chocolate in Easter Eggs (in Australia as well as overseas), is made with cocoa from plantations on the Ivory Coast, West Africa, that use trafficked children as young as 10 years old as labour.

Among other resources at the STOP THE TRAFFIK website are "three lessons for Primary School children using creative and interactive activities to engage in students in becoming Easter activists." 

10 March 2015

Engaging with film, enriching lives

Damaris.org is great website that has a simple focus: films. Each film reviewed has a summary, some background information and resources for exploration. The resources are primarily questions about the film.

Films are sorted into useful thematic categories so it is easy to find movies that cover a particular theme such as faith. greed, or family. You can also do a search for specific themes.

This site would be useful if you were looking for a film to use in religious education or clips that might cover a particular topic. The questions could be helpful in developing the topic for exploration.