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12 February 2015

Teaching RE through the Arts

Looking to be deeply inspired?

The Dialogue Australasia Network Conference will be in Brisbane in April. The theme is "Teaching RE through the Arts" and there is a great list of speakers including David Leunig.

This is a brilliant topic for a Religious Education conference. The Arts provide a perfect launch pad for the exploration of faith and spirituality among young people. Belinda Hill from DAN says it beautifully:

"Religious Education encourages the exploration of meaning and mystery. It provides students with unique opportunities to reflect on who they are and what sense they make of life.  Developing students’ spiritual, aesthetic, religious, ethical and philosophical understanding is an important part of their growth.  The Arts are provocative tools for fostering these literacies. They have a powerful capacity to engage students, to ‘disturb’ their ways of seeing and knowing, and to help them discover and explore deeper, less familiar realities."

"The 2015 DAN Conference seeks to encourage, inspire and practically equip teachers to use the Arts in RE and in all areas of the curriculum concerned with spiritual development. Outstanding educators, academics and artists will share creative pedagogies for using the Arts and the experience of them as powerful learning moments."

For all the information go to the DAN home page at  http://www.dialogueaustralasia.org/