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18 November 2014

Everything Jesus: ReJesus

What did Jesus look like? This is one of the questions explored on the rejesus website which as you can guess is all about Jesus.

There are all kinds of resources here from images of Jesus from around the world, with the stories and information behind them to units on how Jesus has been explored through art, film and literature. 

The site is broken up into four sections:

  • Story: which is all about Jesus life.
  • Lives: looking at famous followers of Jesus.
  • Spirituality: exploring prayer and the inner life.
  • Creativity: interpretations of Jesus in different media.

There are lots of useful resources, ideas and information here!


11 November 2014

Meditation for Children and Young People

"Children...are born contemplative but in the modern world they are bombarded from an early age with noise, stimulus, and a message to keep busy." 

Recently we held a professional development day that focussed on what we call "The Inner Life" strand. We had presentations on Christian mediation and the use of labyrinth among other things.

The presentation from the Australia Christian Meditation Community was excellent and profiled how Christian meditation has been introduced into all the schools of the Catholic Diocese of Townsville. They have established a beautiful website at www.cominghome.org.au which talks about their approach.

It has all kinds of information and resources including practical guidelines, videos of student reflections and the benefits of Christian meditation.

If you want a good introduction to Christian meditation with children and young people it is the place to start.