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29 August 2013

Science and Faith: What is the problem?

Science and Faith: What is the problem? was recently launched at the Anglican Schools Australia Conference. One of the authors Richard Prideaux is Campus Principal at an Anglican School in Victoria.

This is the blurb from the site selling the book:

A physicist and a theologian explore the limits of science and the challenge of faith in God in a postmodern world. A resource book for senior students, teachers and anyone who cares about the future of the planet and how we live on it.
The two authors tackle the vitally important area of science and religion and provide a valuable overview and useful guide. They tell the stories, clarify the issues, fill the gaps, provide the background and correct common mistakes.
“The book provides a good balance of breadth of subject and depth of understanding. Written for non-specialist readers, this book will challenge all who read it to think through these issues more deeply.”
Canon Dr Peter Adam, Vicar Emeritus St Jude’s Anglican Church, Carlton; formerly Principal Ridley Melbourne

To purchase the book or to see a sample go to this link.

21 August 2013

Glo Bible

Glo is an interactive Bible. It can be installed on a range of platforms including the IPad. As a Bible it has four different translations - NIV, ESV, The Message and KJV. It is all the other features however that make this software useful for the classroom. These include:

  • Resources and media for passages of scripture.
  • An Atlas that allows you to see where stories of the Bible occurred.
  • Tours, photos, videos and virtual reality experiences.
  • Timelines - enabling a chronological exploration of the Bible
  • Topical organisation addressing significant issues relating to the Christian faith.
Glo has an interesting interface that students will pick up quickly. It is likely they will want to explore the different features and videos to be found on Glo. 

There is a free edition with limited features that can be used to explore what Glo is like.