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24 January 2012

Character ID: Portrait Pack

Strands: The Bible

Year Level: All

Phase: All.

Time: Varies depending on use

Summary: A creative way of engaging student with the Biblical text, using photos and the imagination.

Make up a pack of “portrait cards” for use in Religious Education lessons. Here’s how they work...
Collect 40 images of people including: close-up portraits; pictures of people doing things – sky diving, carpentry, hanging out washing, speaking etc; old black and white images; images that picture an individual in a particular environment 

Avoid “gossip” magazine pictures, as these promote a limited “ideal” image of humanity. The aim is to present diverse and real images, a gallery of humanity. Use your imagination. A great source of such images are “National Geographic Magazine” and “Australian Geographic Magazine”.

Print them out or cut out and laminate in a consistent format. Add to the pack as you find new images.

Character Identification: getting into the story. 
Read out a bible story and then scatter the portraits on the floor. Ask students to match the story characters with a portrait and to explain why they made the choice. Eg: matching a carpenter at work with the character of Joseph or Jesus is not a stretch, but consider the good thinking that went on to match the image of a Wall Street Financier with the character of Judas.